About Visi

Who We Are?


PT. Visi Globalindo Data Utama (Visi) has been operating commercially since 2009. The Company’s primary business line is in providing business information reports to clients, both international and domestic. These reports are used extensively by major credit guarantee institutions in USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as trading houses, suppliers, banks, and the commercial sections of several foreign embassies in Indonesia. Our clients are primarily international trade insurance companies.

The reports contain basic information on the companies investigated, including date of establishment, legal status, as well as business permits, lines of business, capitalization, sales turnover, investment, manpower, boards of management, supervisory boards and associated companies. Our reports also cover the business operations of companies, business prospects, financial status (particularly for public and some private companies), management ability and creditworthiness. Business Information convey, in concentrated form, a detailed picture of the company, or individual, with a particular focus on their business potential. The information provided is intended to assist clients in making important business decisions. As we have researched and investigated in excess of 500,000 companies, our staff has extensive knowledge of the behavior of Indonesian companies, the interrelation among companies, and the actual situation and performance of these companies.

In 2017, Visi Global has been acquired by CRIF a global company specializing in credit bureau, business information, and credit solutions. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF operates in four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia). CRIF is currently the leading group in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main operators on a global level in the field of integrated services for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management.

About Crif

Specializing in credit information systems, business information and credit management solutions, CRIF offers banks, financial institutions, utility companies and businesses qualified support in every phase of the customer relationship from the planning of development strategies to acquisition, as well as portfolio management and credit collection. CRIF’s growth is driven by a global approach and vision. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF has an important international presence, operating across four continents (Europe, America,                                                        Africa and Asia). 

CRIF is the leading provider in continental Europe of banking credit information, one of the key players worldwide in providing integrated services and solutions for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management, and is included in the prestigious FinTech 100, a ranking of the leading global technology solution providers to the financial services industry. Nowadays 6,300 banks and financial institutions and more than 55,000 business clients use CRIF services in 50 countries on a daily basis. 

CRIF is an independent company with 90% of its capital held by founder members and management, and the remaining 10% by various credit institutions. Among the latter, three international banks have been present in the shareholding group since the 1990s, namely BNL-BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Banco Popolare (the largest Italian public cooperative credit institution). In 2017, CRIF’s total revenue was 538 million Euro. Current equity amounts to 233 million Euro. The number of CRIF associates in its offices and subsidiaries around the world had reached about 4,400.