Risk underpins much of treasury strategy. The risk and rewards stage will consider all aspects from in-depth mitigation strategies to bigger picture considerations on cyber and new and imminent threats.

CRIF is branding partner of 2021 International Treasury Management Virtual Week, the EuroFinance’s flagship international event is the preeminent global platform for the world’s best-in-class corporate treasury teams.

This event will delve into how treasury operations can gear up for the future, having learned the lessons from the past. Where, who, what and how will businesses be in the coming years and what is corporate treasury’s role?

Keynote sessions will offer big-picture insight alongside themed stages including:

  • Payment revisited
  • Risk and rewards
  • Transformation journey
  • Practical solutions to day-to-day treasury challenges
  • The power of partnerships

We are glad to invite you to be our guest at 2021 International Treasury Management Virtual Week, the largest gathering the World’s most senior treasurers to learn and share experiences in meaningful peer to peer discussions.

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