Company profiles, financial reports, and portfolio management are some of the important things that are usually needed in the credit application process of a company. These things are needed to analyze the creditworthiness of a prospective debtor (borrower), starting from how to understand the debtor’s character, knowing, and calculating the potential debtor’s ability to pay, seeing the seriousness of the prospective debtor in doing business as indicated from the debtor’s own capital, how to be involved in running the debtor’s business and its management, guarantees must be considered whether they are feasible and have sufficient value. Besides that, micro and macro-economic conditions must also be a concern, so loans disbursed are healthy and good.

The long process of applying for a credit certainly requires good management to assure there are no mistakes in decision-making in the future. Until now, especially in Indonesia, the management process is still mostly done by conventional methods such as conducting surveys or direct interviews with subjects. However, in this limited pandemic condition, these conventional methods can no longer be fully practiced. Coupled with the development of technology, it is mutual that collaboration with technology is very important to support all our activities, one of which is the credit management process.

Have you ever imagined how the credit management process will be in the future? When the required data and requirements are interconnected and managed using Artificial Intelligence, making it easier for users to execute their work? Currently, CRIF is introducing a next level credit management solution called ‘CREDITY’.

CREDITY is a brand-new business-to-business Credit Management Solution designed to help medium to large enterprises improve their daily portfolio management of international business customers. It is provided as a cloud webtool (SaaS) from one of the most modern and secure European data centres supporting all devices (desktop and mobile). It includes SkyMinder: the CRIF platform to access risk data from more than 200 million companies in 230 countries and territories.

CREDITY is setting a new industry standard compliant to Credit Management Best Practice recommendations of international finance and credit associations. With its new and innovative functionality and features it marks the next level of Credit Management solutions.

What are the advantages of CREDITY?

  • Credity is made for medium-large enterprises (non-banking)
  • for the daily portfolio management
  • provide credit management of global/international/national business customers

Features and Highlights

  • Cloud webtool (SaaS) for all devices
  • Boarding (fast go-live, no project risk)
  • Built-in Credit Management best practice
  • Sales-Support (pre-check and qualify)
  • Integrated powerful BI/reporting
  • Integrated business information and TCI processes
  • Multi-language/multi-currency/multi-locale

Service and Support Models

  • Easy pricing models to fit client needs
  • Fair upgrade and downsize policy

With CREDITY, you can save on the efficiency of your credit management process and that of your customers. It’s easier to find things that interest your business and those who are interested in your business.

How does Credity work?

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