Garut Regency in West Java is one of the regions in Indonesia that exports plantation products in the form of coffee. The famous coffee and export from Garut Regency is Arabica type coffee, this type of coffee has a distinctive aroma and character.

The type of coffee exported is Arabica coffee and are exported for markets in Taiwan, China and Korea. The volume of exported coffee reaches 15 tons and exported directly by farmers who are members of the Kelompok Kopi Asli Urang Garut (KASUGA), which is organized by the native Garut farmers.

However, not all farmers are able to export because exports are only for coffees in the form of beans or green beans. While generally, farmers can only process coffee until it becomes coffee cherries.

At present, Garut Regency has at least around 6,000 hectares of coffee plantations. If each hectare can produce 1 ton of good quality arabica coffee, then the production of coffee in Garut is at least 5,000 tons.

The Indonesian Coffee Farmers Association (APEKI) of Garut Regency assesses the development of the coffee industry in Garut Regency has shot up since the last two years. Demand for coffee from various regions continues to increase and even in Garut itself, the business of coffee shops are growing

APEKI Garut Regency said, the potential of coffee in Garut Regency is still very high. From around 6,000 hectares of coffee land, currently only 2,100 hectares of land are actively produced. In one year, around 750 tons of coffee are produced from 2,100 hectares of land.

Based on this information, currently Garut Regency still has enormous potential not only from its coffee resources but also its human resources which can still develop. The existence of those who can develop the coffee business is certainly like a ‘fresh air’ for coffee farmers in Garut Regency.