Within the near future, Microsoft Corp will announce its acquisition deal with GitHub coding website. GitHub Inc. is a web-based hosting service company for the control version using Git, which is mostly functioned for the computer coding process. GitHub offers distributed control version and Server Code Management (SCM), in which Git can add a new function namely self-feature addition. GitHub provides access control and several collaboration features, such as bug tracking, feature demand, task management, and wiki for every project.

The website is considered important for many companies, such as Microsoft and Alphabet, which always keep their programming codes and take collaborations in there. The website is also quite popular for programmers and lastly evaluated to USD 2 billion or about IDR 27.7 trillion. The number of total users is 27 million application developers, who work on 80 million programming codes. Yet, GitHub also kept on facing a significant loss. In 2016, the website booked total loss of USD 66 million or about IDR 915 billion in three quarters. This collaboration website was also once announcing to seek new CEO for replacing one of the founders namely Chris Wanstrath.