Madiun is a city in the province of East Java located on a land with an altitude of 63-67 meters above sea level. Madiun City is bordered entirely by Madiun Regency and in the west with Magetan Regency. In terms of economy, there are several types of industries operating in the city, such as the railroad industry, MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises), steels, furniture (mainly made in Jepara), shoes, bags, snacks, cigarette, and SME machines.

The Regional Government of Madiun – East Java plans to facilitate the purchase of products made MSMEs in the areas affected by the COVID–19 pandemic. This plan is still in the process of discussion and maturation of the team of COVID-19 Response Acceleration Task Force on logistics matters.
Around 533 MSMEs will involve this program. They are consist of 164 MSMEs that produce sambal pecel (traditional Javanese peanut sauce), 12 MSMEs that produce beef flosses, 30 enterprises that produce soya-bean crackers (keripik tempe), 26 enterprises that produce salted eggs, and 301 enterprises that produce various types of snacks. The allocation of funds to strengthen the economy is IDR 25 billion.

Moreover, there are several products manufactured in Madiun that are frequently exported, such as shoes, carved teak stumps, and especially bamboo straws, that are always in high demand by the export market. It pioneered the success of one of the MSMEs in Madiun that exported bamboo straw products for the first time, which is finally popular in Europe, the Australian, and in Asia countries, one of them in Korea. The export quantity of bamboo straw reaches around 10,000 to 15,000 for each shipment.

In addition, for the domestic market, bamboo straws are in high demand by buyers from West Java, Jakarta, Central Java, and Bali. Producers are quite optimistic that their bamboo straw products will grow even though there is a lot of competition in the manufacture of bamboo straws outside Madiun City. To face the competition in the market, producers of bamboo straw concern to maintain the quality of products by ensuring all the products natural or without machines.

Unavoidable, a pandemic of Covid-19, impacting the export performance of MSME’s products from Madiun, however, the Regional Government of Madiun continues to support MSMEs to be able to survive and keep innovative even though current business conditions are unfavorable.