Batu City is a city in East Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located 90 km southwest of Surabaya City or 15 km northwest of Malang City. Batu City is situated on the connecting route between Malang–Kediri, and Malang–Jombang.

Through several companies, Batu City often exports several products, most of them are agriculture products, such as fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, cut flowers, ornamental plants, golf grass, cotton, and fibers, to name a few. Not only that, the city is also one of the cities that export wood crafts and furniture.

In terms of innovation, adjusting to the ‘New Normal’ conditions at this time, Batu City has recently developed a food commodity business that is presented in the form of piece packaging. With the cutting and packaging process, the product sales value has increased by up to 4 times. With this opportunity, the Ministry of Agriculture is trying to increase the volume of exports of food commodities, such as vegetables, organic rice, onions, fruits, and other plantation commodities.

Not only food commodities, but ornamental plants are also one of the target markets in Batu City at the moment. Although the government has facilitated the licensing process online, constraints on the licensing process has made ornamental plant farmers in Batu to only export products through farmers who already have Phytosanitary teaching certificate only, so it cannot be maximized properly yet.

It would be better if the process was simplified or a certified company could manage it. Export sales can increase the income of farmers up to 3-5 times as compared to domestic sales, and of course, the economy of Batu city will be much better. There are various types of ornamental plants exported, namely several types of flowers such as Monstera Variegata, Philo Pink Princess, Philo Sudiro, Philo Florida Beauty Ghost, Philo Monstera Variegata, Anthurium King Veitchii, and Anthurium Crystalium. What is currently popular among the ornamental plant lovers is the cactus of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, which is a species from South America. Reportedly, most international buyers, who seek for this cactus species are from South Korea. People there adore this species for its unique color shades.

From Surabaya City, there is not much frequent demand but there are still orders receive. At present, Batu City has exported ornamental cactus twice, especially to South Korea. These cultivated cactus trees have just been released as many as 11 trees, with a total value that reaches IDR 5 million.