Kendari is the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi province in the eastern part of Indonesia. The area is mostly on the mainland, surrounding Kendari Bay, and there is one island, namely Bungkutoko Island, geographically located in the southern part of the equator, located between 3º54’30 \”- 4º3’11\” South Latitude and 122º23 ‘- 122º39’ East Longitude.

Kendari is not very well- known compare to the other big cities in Indonesia. However, it is one of the cities that has a major contribution to the economy of Southeast Sulawesi Province and its contribution to Indonesia’s GDP. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) from 2016-2018, the value of export has increased quite significantly.

In 2018, total export value from port of Kendari was USD 954,554,737,841.80 with a total volume of 778,727,851.46 Kg.

Based on its export destination, China dominated as the export destination of all the export products of Kendari and the surrounding area.

It is possible that other countries such as the Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong will be increasingly interested in products from Kendari. One of the products used as export to the countries includes plantation products such as Cashew, Coconut, Coconut Hybrida, Cloves, Pepper, Enau, Pinang, Kapok, and Sago. Apart from plantation products, there are fishery and manufactured products.

At the end of 2019, Southeast Sulawesi through Kendari City succeeded in exporting its plantation commodities, namely as much as 80 tons of cocoa through the New Port of Bungkutoko Kendari. The Netherlands is the first export destination country for Southeast Sulawesi. The initial export that has been carried out by local farmers who have produced products from natural resources to be marketed abroad.

In addition, another export product that is routinely exported is Kendari mud crab. Since 2018 these crabs have been often exported to Singapore. Apart from exporting them, these mud crabs are also shipped to major cities throughout Indonesia. The Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi, noted that the fishery production of the mangrove crab commodity in Kendari is still around 30 to 40 tons per year. The crab production in Kendari only comes from the cultivation area of about 100 hectares.