After experiencing a rebound, the Composite Stock Price Index or Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) during the first trading session on June 21, 2018, or two days after the long Iedul Mubarak holiday seasons was again weakening. The index was down 12.13 points or 0.21% to become 5,871.91.

At first, the index was experiencing a rebound, though not significant or only 0.1% or 6.03 points to level 5,890.06. The rebound was supported by the strengthening index of seven sectors, including the mining sector (0.92%) and financial sector (0.73%).

Exchange rate of rupiah against the US dollar was weakening to the lowest since the early year 2018. In fact, on June 28, 2018, rupiah was again weakening, exceeding IDR 14,200 per US dollar or even IDR 14,217 per US dollar.

Nevertheless, according to the Coordinating Minister of Economy Darmin Nasution, there is nothing to worry about the weakening rate of rupiah after the Iedul Mubarak holidays.  The Ministry will help rupiah by increasing the export and decreasing the import, so that the current transaction deficit will not be too wide, and making the trade balance surplus.

Actually, according to the Coordinating Minister, many countries have the Current Account Deficit (CAD). Meanwhile two to three months ago, the CAD for Indonesia is not only for the current account but also for the trading balance. This means that the export and import of goods are deficit.