The plastic pipe industry sector is expected to continue to increase in the next few years. However, there will be obstacles experienced by the industry in its development process.

Even so, the outlook for the industry is still good. Based on the data, until now there are several regions that have a large demand for plastic pipe products, especially for developing regions. However, the ability of players to better assess the market potential of the industry is very necessary. So that the business can be in line with the development and market potential.

In 2017 manufacturing companies in Indonesia needed local raw materials of 1,094,952,550 units and imported raw materials of 330,972,653 units with a total value of USD 2,337,501,131. This also affects the raw material of imported plastic pipes.

Referring to plastic pipe consumption data in recent years, in the upcoming 2019 the plastic pipe industry sector will experience an increase of 6.51%. There are several sectors that affect their development such as construction and property. There is an increase in construction project plans that will occur in the next few years.

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