In 2020, the automotive trade sector still has a sign of increasing. Looking at the trend in the last 9 years it’s performance, VISI predicted that this industry will increase 4.6890 percent, or 0.8980 points higher compared to growth in the previous year.

Based on the record from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), automotive trade sector performance in 2019 is not as good as a few years back. Decreased 1.09 points or became 3.8000 percent compared to the previous year.

Related to the information above, Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia (GAIKINDO) records data about the performance of the automobile industry. The data shows that the growth of car production in 2019 is negative or decreases by 4.23 percent. Production volume in 2019 only reached 1,286,848 units compared to the previous year volume which could reach 1,343,743.

Research shows that people’s interest in buying cars is smaller than motorcycles. It is based on the needs of the people of Indonesia who focus more on flexibility, speed, and low cost and the motorcycle becomes the right choice to outperform cars



Based on data from Asosiasi Industri Sepeda Motor Indonesia (AISI), motorcycle trade in 2019 booked an increase for both domestic and export. Just like the car industry, the motorcycle industry also experienced a decline in sales growth in 2019 from 8.44 percent became 01.63 percent; even so, the motorcycle industry was still able to record an increase in 2019 ago. It’s booked that there was an increase in domestic sales volume of 104,352 units compared to the previous year. The motorcycle industry also experienced an increase in exports by 183,012 units. It predicted to have increased by 0.0847 percent or recovered as in 2018.

The player in this sector believes that the decline was caused by socio-political conditions in 2019. This year 2020, it is expected that with the improvement of socio-political conditions, this will be a trigger factor for positive growth in the automotive industry.