automotive industri mendapat nilai positif 2021

The easing of COVID-19 regulations in this 2021 brings opportunity for the businesspeople, including those from automotive sector, to recover. After facing a severe decline in 2020, finally the automotive sector started to book a significant growth by 56.65 points to 45.7% in Q2/2021 if compared to the same period in previous year.

grafik naik turun automotive

On quarterly basis, VISI predicts that the automotive sector will continue to increase by up to 48% in Q4/2021. Mostly, the increase will be triggered by the return-to-normal activities of the logistics and transportation sector in Indonesia. The recovering performance of the automotive supporting service sector will also contribute to the increase.



Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia), automobile wholesales show fluctuating in 2021 every month, with peak sales occurred in March 2021 and September. The sales increase is in line with the implementation of 0% Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (0% PPnBM) for new cars in March 2021.

grafik wholesale Q1-Q3

The graphic shows a significant increase in the supply of vehicle at the dealer level, along with high possible increase in car sales as benefits from the 0% PPnBM regulation, which again has been extended until the end of the year.

Based on the vehicle types, 56% of total wholesales are for the 4×2 type vehicles, 24% for Pick Up/Truck types, 18% for the 4×2 type Affordable Energy Saving vehicles, and the rest are for the other types.

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Meanwhile, based on the vehicle function, 75% of the wholesales are for the passenger cars and the remaining 25% are for the commercial cars. It is because the demand for private vehicles is much greater than for commercial vehicles.

grafik pembagian fungsi penjualan automobile


In term of retail sales, there was an increase in total car retail sales from January to September 2021 by 47.4% or 192,954 units when compared to 2020.

data 2020 dan 2021 sales  mobil

The 4×2 type passenger cars are dominating the retail sales by 55.268% of the total retail sales. Similar to the wholesales, the increase in retail sales is also supported by the 0% PPnBM regulation, which attracted the market interest toward the private vehicle category.