The Internet is now becoming a fundamental need for everyone. It is as shown from the increasing number of users every year. This situation will bring positive impacts to the internet-related sectors, such as the E-Commerce sector.

Based on data from Lembaga Riset Telematika, the potential transactions of e-commerce di Indonesia will grow by 39.6% per year, from IDR 561.8 trillion at the end of the year 2017 to IDR 1,500 trillion by the year 2020. Although the simple transaction is low, the growth is very fast. It is a fact that e-commerce business in Indonesia is growing faster than the average growth of the global e-commerce business.

The optimism is driven by the favorable condition of economic and political stability, and the increasing lifestyle and interests of the people to do e-commerce transactions. Apart from the fact, nevertheless, the local players are also expected to be ready in entering the global market competition, particularly against large-capital players like Amazon.

Per December 2017, the contribution of e-commerce transaction was only 2%-3% into the entire trading sector. Meanwhile, for this year 2018, the contribution is estimated to increase to 5%. Although the number of corporate players in the e-commerce sector is predicted to decrease, their transaction values will increase in the coming years. Therefore, to keep running in the future, the players are encouraged to be more innovative in providing products or services following the need of customers.