It is believed that the hotel sector is still an entirely prospective business sector in 2018. This is in line with a prediction that the hotel construction value will reach IDR 13.9 trillion in 2018, or increasing by 20% compared to 2017.

In term of the occupancy rate of luxurious hotels in Indonesia, it reveals that in QIII/2017, this hospitality sector grew by 1.1%, if compared to the previous quarter. However, the growth is lower than in the same period of 2016, which reached 1.56%, due to the flourishing number of new hotels operating every year.

Referring to our database in the last 5 years, PT. Visi Globalindo Data Utama predicts that the occupancy rate of luxury hotels in QI/2018 will only increase by 0.44%. Although not too significant, the percentage is far higher than in the same period of 2017, when the occupancy rate was decreasing by 0.97%.

Based on the region, Bali Province becomes a region with the highest occupancy rate, namely at 73.27%. At the second position, there is Sulawesi Utara Province with an occupancy rate of 66.29% and followed by DKI Jakarta Province in the third position with an occupancy rate of 66.15%.

Tourism becomes the primary driving sector for the development of the hospitality business in the country. Based on data from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), a total number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia in 2017 recorded 13,843,019 tourists or increasing by 20.17% from 11,519,275 foreign tourists in 2016. The hotel business is also supported by numerous local tourists visiting the tourist places, in line with the trend of travel of Indonesian people.

Regarding the facts, we believe that the hospitality sector will remain prospective in 2018, supported by the development of the tourism industry in the country.