indonesia export development 2022

Indonesia’s Export Development in 2022

Indonesia’s exports in January 2022 reached a value of USD 19,173.7 million with a volume of 27,176.5 thousand tons, consisting of USD 901.2 million of export results of oil and gas (oil and gas) and USD 18,272.5 million of export results of non-oil and gas commodities. Compared to the same period in 2021, the value of exports increased by USD 3,880.0 million, due to an increase in exports from the oil and gas group of USD 17.4 million, an increase of 1.96%.

Likewise, non-oil and gas exports increased by USD 3,862.7 million. Thus, it can be seen that revenues from the oil and gas sector have shown an increase. Despite the government’s policy of prioritizing existing oil and gas production to meet domestic needs over exports, oil and gas exports continue to increase. Likewise for non-oil and gas exports, there was an increase in performance compared to the value of non-oil and gas exports for the same period in 2021. The increase in oil and gas exports was due to the increase in two oil and gas components, namely oil and gas products. The price of Indonesian crude oil in January 2022 was USD 85.89 per barrel, an increase of USD 32.72 per barrel compared to January 2021.

comparison of indonesia export value january 2021

Meanwhile, the export value of the oil and gas group in January 2021 was worth USD 883.8 million consisting of crude oil, oil and gas products worth USD 277.7 million, USD 113.3 million and USD 492.8 million, respectively. Meanwhile, in January 2022 for the oil and gas group, the details consist of USD 33.4 million of crude oil, USD 254.6 million of oil output and USD 613.2 million of gas. The export value for the non-oil and gas group consisting of agricultural products, processing industry products as well as mining products and others in January 2021 was USD 338.8 million, USD 11,981.4 million and USD 2,089.6 million, respectively. Meanwhile, in the January 2022 period, they reached USD 381.0 million, USD 15,721.0 million, and USD 2,710.5 million, respectively.


indonesia taiwan export value

Taiwan’s contribution is 2.54% of the total export shipments from Indonesia. The total export value recorded reached USD 486.10 million, an increase of 90% when compared to January 2021.

However, it was informed that Taipei warned that there were factors of uncertainty in global trade as a result of the war in Ukraine. Taiwan’s export orders, which determine global technology demand, jumped 21.1% year on year (yoy) to USD 51.56 billion last month. This causes an increase in the value of exports, one of which is in Indonesia.