Based on data by the BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics), in a few of the quarters during 2018, it is evident that the growth in the food and beverages industry has faced a downfall, particularly while entering the second quarter of 2018. The decreasing rate that is shown to be significant if compared with the first quarter of 2018, sitting at 12.77% decreased to an appalling 8.67%.

Nonetheless, GAPMMI (Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan dan Minuman Indonesia) has stated that the following data differs from the experience of perpetrators of the food and beverage industry. Where based on research it is founded that there is still an increase.

One of the factors that are causing the downfall is the inclusion of CPO (Crude Palm Oil) within the food and beverage sector which refers to international standards. This year (2018), the CPO industry has faced obstacles due to selling its products at a low price, of which moved in level USD 605 – USD 695 per metric ton. Other than that, the export value of CPO and its descendants were unsupportive with the issue mentioned and had faced a downfall of 2%.

Even so, based on the business characteristics and trends a couple of years ago, in the fourth quarter of 2018 is estimated to face an increase up to 10.29% in comparison to the previous quarter. Unfortunately, the value stated will remain lower compared to the prior period of 2017, at 10.29%.

In 2019, PT. Visi Globalindo Data Utama has predicted that the food and beverage industry will endure a growth rate of up to 11.12% or face a downfall compared to the start of the previous year that reached 13.76%. In the coming year of 2019, it is believed to become the year of politics of which will give a significant contribution in the food and beverage industry, even if it is not as large as the garment industry.

During the year of politics, the circulation of money will increase. Therefore a few industry sectors will experience a positive effect. One of them being the food and beverage industry. The growth rate of the food and beverage industry is estimated to come from industrial performance within the country of which will convey a significant contribution of up to 70%, whereas the industrial performance of the food and beverage exports endorses 30% towards the growth of the food and beverage industry in the coming year of 2019. Based on the previous statement, there will be an increase by a few players in the food and beverage industry in the upcoming 2019.